Home Daycare

Where A Child's Play
Is Their Learning


Kelly Trujillo Owner/ Director
21 Years Experience
Ages 18 Months - 4 years
DHS Licensed 2 Star Home
Pre-School Curriculum-Art-Music
Loving Christian Home Environment


Another Milestone

Last March, Miss Kelly earned her National Child Development Association credential (CDA) after many years of preparation. This is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a home daycare provider. It begins with 120 hours of child development education, then a rigorous oral and written examination along with a 2-day, in home, evaluation. The examiner looks for things like a safe and healthy environment, art appreciation, physical activities, and child/teacher interaction.

A portfolio is also put together including such things as an autobiography, parent surveys, health and safety resources, and statements of competency proving understanding of the 8 functional areas of child development and how to implement them.

After all this, a national committee then reviews the candidates qualifications and votes on whether or not to award the credential.







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